Learning to manage my excitable personality and the effect it has on my environment

Are you ready for my bad dinosaur noises?

You can use productivity hacks and other organizational tips against yourself if you don’t solve this

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Procrastinating is a symptom, not the main problem.

How “love with the idea of someone” affected my relationships

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The unhealthy attachment to the meaning of love

Should We Find a Way to Manage It?

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  • How many success stories on medium have you read?
  • Do you have one saved as your road map?
  • How many titles have you seen about how much money others have earned thanks to Medium’s Payment Program?

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Becoming friends with my Worst critic

Or are we just wanting to follow the idea behind it?

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“Just let me be angry! You constantly want to stop me from feeling angry and that angers me the most.”

and have been working towards a successful resolution

There was something missing and it was interaction with real people.

Why I will advocate for a regular scrutinized observation for your dog (or any pet)

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The one and most important thing in a relationship between a human and a pet is TRUST.

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  • I spent so many hours searching for relatable mental health issues and self-diagnosed myself
  • Have been in therapy for over a year and saw improvements
  • Felt my anxiety was part of my personality
  1. Information overload vs Awareness

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Content writer with a craving for freelancing writing time

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