Learning to manage my excitable personality and the effect it has on my environment

Are you ready for my bad dinosaur noises?

The most accurate depiction of my energy is to say that I have Golden Retriever energy: playful, friendly, excitable, and at times way too much energy for people to handle.

You can use productivity hacks and other organizational tips against yourself if you don’t solve this

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I once received a blurred-out “Well, just stop procrastinating!” from someone when I talked about my struggles. “Why couldn’t I have thought about that?” I sarcastically responded with anger.

I won’t tell you that tools are useless either.

Besides me spilling some hate on the whole “just do this, and it will change your life” type of solution, I’m just not a fan of the shiny object syndrome, and that's why I want to say that there's hope. It all works out in the end.

How? The same way you treat a symptom, you focus on the cause.

Procrastinating is a symptom, not the main problem.

This slap…

How “love with the idea of someone” affected my relationships

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There are consequences due to idealization in relationships. The “love with the idea of someone” affects any relationship, not just romantic ones, your friends, family, and coworkers too.

The unhealthy attachment to the meaning of love

Knowing someone’s birthday is a big deal for me. I barely know my parents’ birthday, let alone use two hands to count the ones I know (from people I know and had interactions with).

The amount of energy I would direct thinking to express gratitude for anyone’s existence on their birthday is a lot.

I relate everything about how their existence affects mine. …

Should We Find a Way to Manage It?

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  • How many success stories on medium have you read?
  • Do you have one saved as your road map?
  • How many titles have you seen about how much money others have earned thanks to Medium’s Payment Program?

I bet you have seen many titles on how to be successful on Medium as a writer, and I will confess that I too have read many articles on the subject, besides using them to focus my attention on what to do.

There is also a chance you have written or planning on doing one, am I right?

Tag me on them because I’m…

My OCD VS my Worst critic mind VS my Creative curiosity

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My Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder made me question, “which thoughts are mine and which aren’t?”. I have also uncovered that I can use this to my advantage, which I had been doing unconsciously at work, but in my projects, I feel lost.

Becoming friends with my Worst critic

I took into heart the “feed the wolf that you like” story, in which it tells you that good and evil were incarnated into wolves, but into a REALLY opposite extreme end of the primary purpose of the story.

The representation of my “bad” wolf, I took it into…

Or are we just wanting to follow the idea behind it?

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Reading a lot of articles on how people take better care of themselves, how they get more written content, how they feel better in life, it’s kinda an addiction for me.

I dwell in the feel-good energy most of those articles propagate, the “You Can do it too!” Vibes, I’m a sucker for that most of the time.

The one thing that I have been thinking and really putting as an excuse for not writing more is: “It’s because I don’t wake up at 6 am to unload all my thoughts, do exercise and eat a nice breakfast”.

Working remotely…

“I’m angry with you” is not what I was expecting to hear after saying “I love you”

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“Just let me be angry! You constantly want to stop me from feeling angry and that angers me the most.”

Someone saying that to me was the first time I was confronted about my unhealthy coping mechanisms with anger. I thought of myself as a patient person, someone that could act cool under pressure, but I was blinded by a desire of wanting to be perceived like that.

The relationship had gone south a long time ago, but that was the first time…

and have been working towards a successful resolution

I never played past versions of Animal Crossing, but I wanted to have a way to interact with my friends during the quarantine. The only reference I had about the game was “it’s a Stardew Valley meets The Sims”, and it already had my full attention.

I had already spent much of my time getting sims their perfect life, the in-game characters that had challenging gameplay were my favorite. I got them as far as I could with their Lifetime wish for a comfortable and satisfying life. Also got into the Rags-to-Riches Challenge in ‘The Sims 3’.

There was something missing and it was interaction with real people.

Yes, I wanted…

Why I will advocate for a regular scrutinized observation for your dog (or any pet)

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The reason I will always advocate to have a scrutinizing observation for a dog as a normal routine:

When something is not right, I had already set them up to be ready for them to trust me. When a thorough inspection of their body is crucial because they are in pain, trust is important.

The one and most important thing in a relationship between a human and a pet is TRUST.

It might be happening to you too…

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3 reasons why I was rejecting the idea of going with a psychiatrist

  • I spent so many hours searching for relatable mental health issues and self-diagnosed myself
  • Have been in therapy for over a year and saw improvements
  • Felt my anxiety was part of my personality
  1. Information overload vs Awareness

I knew having the amount of anxiety I was experiencing was escalating. I was expanding the use of defense mechanisms, especially intellectualization. Having access to an immense world of information helped. …

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