You can use productivity hacks and other organizational tips against yourself if you don’t solve this

I once received a blurred-out “Well, just stop procrastinating!” from someone when I talked about my struggles. “Why couldn’t I have thought about that?” I sarcastically responded with anger.

I won’t tell you that tools are useless either.

Besides me spilling some hate on the whole “just do this, and…

It could help you to either understand your mental turmoil or your friend’s OCD issues

Having an anxiety attack and a panic attack is different in how the body responds, but I never thought about how would an OCD take over would be described. A hijack of the mind? A state of dissociation with a mix of automatic functional capability? “High functioning” depression state? …

How “love with the idea of someone” affected my relationships

There are consequences due to idealization in relationships. The “love with the idea of someone” affects any relationship, not just romantic ones, your friends, family, and coworkers too.

The unhealthy attachment to the meaning of love

Knowing someone’s birthday is a big deal for me. I barely know my parents’ birthday, let alone use two hands to count…

Should We Find a Way to Manage It?

  • How many success stories on medium have you read?
  • Do you have one saved as your road map?
  • How many titles have you seen about how much money others have earned thanks to Medium’s Payment Program?

I bet you have seen many titles on how to be successful on Medium…

Erika Becerra

Content writer with a craving for freelancing writing time

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